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I believe that my clients deserve to be free of their past trauma and to live healthy fulfilled
lives. No matter what has happened to you in the past, you can recover and reach a place of
peace and healing. The past can be a very heavy burden to carry for many people, and
sometimes we need help to let it go. We all deserve to feel safe and worthy and to make
decisions and choices which are good for us. I am focused on positive goals and outcomes for
my clients. Therapy is an investment in yourself. I take that seriously and engage in continuous
training and Supervision so that I can support you to the best of my ability.


What I Believe

I specialise in treating trauma and its symptoms in adults. I work with clients who have PTSD following accidents, injuries, assaults, traumatic losses, childhood sexual abuse, birth trauma, surgical trauma, and other life changing events. I specialize in treating panic disorders, anxiety and phobias. I also work with clients who have experienced complex and developmental trauma, in addition to clients experiencing grief, relationship breakdown, abuse or attachment
issues. I treat clients with depression, addiction, OCD and eating disorders. In addition, I work with sports people and business people helping them to enhance their performance and achieve success through the EMDR process.

Image by Michael Browning

What I Treat?

Before I became a Psychotherapist, I worked in the corporate sector as a trainer and coach. I have always been fascinated by human behaviour, however, I craved a deeper understanding of the human mind and emotions. I decided to retrain as a psychotherapist in 2007. During this time I worked with street homeless drug addicts and alcoholics. I qualified as an integrative psychotherapist in 2010. I completed a further year of training in Gestalt therapy and later qualified as a mindfulness teacher. I felt frustrated at times by the ineffectiveness of talk therapy and I knew there was something missing from my practice. EMDR training finally gave me the knowledge and skills I needed to help my clients recover from the trauma that was stored in their bodies, and to break free of their past. I am a qualified EMDR Consultant. I am still on a journey to EMDR mastery and committed to helping other therapists to bring this groundbreaking therapy to their clients.


A Little More About Me

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