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EMDR Consultancy

I am an accredited consultant who has been supervising groups of EMDR trainees and practitioners since 2019. I hold approximately eight supervision groups a month in addition to individual Consultancy. I regularly assist with EMDR training in Ireland. I supervise psychotherapists and psychologists from many
different modalities of training with a focus on developing their knowledge and skills of EMDR. Providing EMDR clinical supervision is a hugely rewarding aspect of my work. I am passionate about helping therapists who have trained in EMDR to develop their confidence in the model and integrate this into their practice. EMDR is at its heart, a very creative and effective therapy. My aim is that my supervisees develop confidence and fluidity with the model as they progress the pathway to becoming Accredited
EMDR Practitioners or EMDR Consultants.

I have six years of clinical experience and training providing EMDR to complex clients and specialist populations. I have training in EMDR with Ego States and Dissociation, EMDR with Complex Trauma and Addictions, EMDR with Phobias and OCD, Treatment Planning with EMDR, and EMDR with Eating Disorders. I attend annual EMDR Europe conferences and workshops. I keep up to date with new developments in the field. I have regular EMDR clinical supervision with an EMDR Trainer.

“I really enjoy my monthly EMDR supervision. Not only do I learn from Marianne and my colleagues, but we also have fun and support one another. I always come away renewed in my enthusiasm for this therapy and ready to try new things.” J. S.

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